The Vacay Story

I love to travel, so when my soon-to-be husband suggested we spend our honeymoon sailing a small, 38 foot boat halfway around the world to Australia, I was up for the challenge. But packing was not easy! Tight quarters, warm temps and exotic ports demanded a particular travel wardrobe. Every item in my suitcase had to earn its place, and I found myself choosing versatile pieces made from wrinkle-resistant and easy-care fabrics. But good items were so hard to find that I decided to create my own. I called it Vacay.
 Today, I'm excited to share my latest collections with you, 100% American-Made using small factories in San Francisco. I hope you like what you find- and never check a bag again!  - Elizabeth Hynes, Founder


Elizabeth Hynes and Family on Vacay in Hawaii
Top:  Elizabeth in the city she calls home. Next: Elizabeth and her family visiting the big island of Hawaii in 2015.