St. Kitts Collection: 5 items = 15 outfits

Vacay St. Kitts Collection: 5 items = 15 outfits

St. Kitts Collection: 5 Items = 16 Outftis

West Indies Wonderland. When our designers jetted off to St. Kitts they were giddy with excitement. This button-cute island is renowned for its verdant jungles, pristine beaches, and impressive volcano. Inspiration came from the surrounding Caribbean waters, resplendent with dozens of eye-pleasing shades of blue. Thematically the collection is designed around (our new favorite color) navy. This on-trend shade of blue matches everything and is a clean and classic color choice. We invite you to "join the navy" and experience the understated elegance of this 5-piece collection.

Vacay Ocean Blue 2-Piece Dress Vacay Ocean Blue 2-Piece Dress Quick View

Vacay Ocean Blue 2-Piece Dress

$ 158.00


WEAR FOUR WAYS: Maxi Dress, Top, Skirt or Strapless Dress The Enemy of Ordinary. Let this indigo tie-dye print set you up for an unforgettable fas...
Vacay Perfect Lace Dress Vacay Perfect Lace Dress Quick View

Vacay Perfect Lace Dress

$ 138.00

Five Sizes XS to XL

WEAR TWO WAYS: Dress or Cover-Up Feel Fabulous. We consider this dress a functional fashion marvel. Why? The intricate lace pattern. The dreamy iv...
Vacay Convertible "Little Navy Dress" Vacay Convertible "Little Navy Dress" Quick View

Vacay Convertible "Little Navy Dress"

$ 118.00


WEAR TWO WAYS: Strapless Dress or Maxi Skirt Lightweight Luxe. Up your travel-game with a strapless dress which converts into a flattering maxi s...
Vacay Beach Bag Ikat Print Vacay Beach Bag Ikat Print Quick View

Vacay Beach Bag Ikat Print

$ 32.00

Multi-color print

Our one-of-a-kind bag has a multi-color ikat print and is great as a carry-on tote for the plane, beach bag or fun day-bag.  Its soft rope handle i...