Why Capsule Wardrobes are the Best

Posted on March 03 2018

I have always been someone who loves and appreciates fashion. I have my go to looks for winter and summer-and my favorite wardrobe staples that come out season after season. I am the first to try new trends, and I have always fully embraced the idea that ‘More Is More’ when it comes to a great wardrobe. Then life got real (really real!) and I got married, had 3 beautiful kids and quickly learned that a budget and a good sense of my own style were imperative in my life.

This is when I realized less is actually MUCH more if you have the right mix in your wardrobe. I started to embrace this philosophy in everything-especially my closet and my suitcase for every jet setting occasion. I picked my favorite pieces, figured out how to maximize them, and realized there was a solid business need to help people do the same. This is how began for me-and the concept of a Capsule Wardrobe became a very real (and cool) business!

Travel light with a capsule wardrobe 

Coined in the 70's by London boutique owner, Susie Faux, a Capsule Wardrobe is all about dressing with a small collection of seasonally appropriate, mix-and-match clothes.  And while the idea has been around for literally decades, it seems that travelers really caught on to the idea in 2017.  And why not?  It makes sense!  There is a reason that fashion magazines and bloggers have been showing travelers how to do this for years, but who actually has the time to try and track down those particular items that are probably no longer available?  This is where steps in…

Vacay Capsule Wardrobe Creation

The best capsule wardrobes start with a neutral base color that runs throughout the capsule. This maximizes the mix and match opportunities and thus the versatility of the capsule. Capsules can be based in any neutral color. Navy and black tend to work really well and lend themselves to a variety of outfits options and can be dressed up or down as needed.

Navy Based Capsule Wardrobe

 Black Based Capsule Wardrobe

Right now, there are eight different Capsule Wardrobe collections to choose from on our site.  Pick the colors and prints that best fit your look – or find that perfect dress and what goes with it.  Either way you’ll get five amazing items that mix and match with items you already own to create up to two weeks of different looks.  Just think of the possibilities!

-        Pack your bag with ease, and with room to spare!

-        Never pay to check (and lose) a bag again!

-        Carry a smaller suitcase than your partner!

-        And still look amazing in all those Instagram posts!

 They say less is more…and finally, we agree when it comes to great travel style with a practical and budget friendly sensibility here at, less really IS more!


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