Trip of a Lifetime 2.0

Posted on December 08 2018

Here we go again is all I can say. After 10 years as a “land-lubber”, I have moved back on a sailboat for a second “trip of a lifetime.” The first trip led me to dream up the idea for Vacay, I wonder what will come of this trip. My first “trip of a lifetime” was actually my unusual honeymoon trip back in 2008. My husband and I decided to quit our corporate jobs and travel the world on a sailboat we aptly named “Honeymoon!” We weren’t sure how far we would get but we knew we wanted to live life to the fullest before settling down and starting a family. We ended up living on the boat for 15 months and sailing halfway around the world from Virginia to Australia.

Hynes Honeymoon Trip

We came back from that adventure pregnant with our first child, Hale, who is now 8.5. In the ten years since that trip, we have done a lot. We bought our first home, we had three sons in three years, and I started my own company, Vacay. The idea for Vacay came from necessity. I had just one tiny boat closet for the 15-month trip. Can you imagine trying to pick out the top 25 items you would rely on to cover you from major metropolitan cities to jungle trips and beach towns (think St. Bart’s to Panama City to Bora Bora)? This is where I got the idea for Vacay, a brand that maximizes each item as they are designed to mix and match with one another, giving you maximum versatility and ways to wear.

SV Honeymoon off Barbuda Coast 

Now that our boys are 8, 7, and 5, we have decided to explore the world as a family. Once again, we are back on a sailboat (SV Archer) and once again, we don’t know how far we will go. My husband dreams of circumnavigating but the rest of us are in wait and see mode. You can follow our family life on the sailboat if you are interested @SV_Archer on social media.

Hynes Family on SV Archer 

As for me, I briefly considered putting Vacay on hold. After all, I am now a first mate (duties are many), homeschool teacher (my husband and I split it), and mom to three young boys (need I say more). However, Vacay is my dream and this new “trip of a lifetime” is the perfect opportunity to test the Vacay concept. For the next year or so, I am going to mix and match my way around the world and personally road test every single piece. On the Vacay Style & Travel Blog, I will share the places we go, best things to do, and style ideas. I hope to get inspiration for future collections and enjoy having the opportunity to do this as a family.

 Elizabeth Hynes on SV Archer at Scrub Island


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