Sayulita Life: Minimum Packing for Maximum Style

Posted on December 14 2017

As my husband and I approached our 10 year wedding anniversary this past October, we wanted to do something special to celebrate. We have always favored places with warm weather and beautiful endless beaches. We were torn because we wanted to feel like we were really getting away, but didn’t feel like we were on an airplane the whole time.

Vacay Style in Sayulita

We have always loved the energy and culture that Mexico brings and have explored many of the big cities, and decided it was time to explore something smaller and less known, and that is how we found Sayulita. Sayulita is a small town located about 25 miles north of Puerto Vallarta. It is well known for being a relaxed surf town that attracts Yoga enthusiasts as well as Hippies (and Hipsters!) We decided this was the kind of vacation we were ready to dive into!

Sayulita Beach

Unlike most people, I LOVE to pack for vacation. I think about what types of activities we will be doing, what the weather will be like and how I can feel comfortable, yet stylish the entire time. I knew of Vacay and decided this was the perfect opportunity to try it. I received my box of goodies and was so excited about what was inside!

The first thing I did was try everything on and ensure it was absolutely perfect before it went into my suitcase-it was! Then I had fun with accessories. The nice thing about the collection is the fabrics and prints naturally lend themselves to sandals, jewelry, hats and fun beachy handbags. Not to mention, because I knew exactly what I was wearing each day, I had some extra space in my suitcase (which NEVER happens!) to have fun with-which really means room to bring a TON of gifts and fun self-purchases home. I was also able to pack swimsuits back to most of the clothes which was a huge plus because it eliminated the need for extra cover-ups.

Here is how my Sayulita trip looked in outfits and favorite activities:

Day 1: Outfit-Gold Coast Fringe Convertible Dress (Vacay), Straw Fedora Hat (Gap), Lace up ankle wrap sandals (Madewell), Straw tote bag (J.Crew), feather earrings (Noonday) Activity-Exploring downtown Sayulita! We arrived at our Villa just before dinner so we did a quick change, unpacked and hopped in our golf cart which we rented (a must do!) and headed for dinner at Yeikame which came highly recommended. It is a traditional Mexican restaurant with the best margaritas we had during our trip! The salsa spread as well as various dishes did not disappoint! In fact, we loved it so much we ate here for two meals during our time. After dinner we headed to a bar across the street with swinging barstools and live music.

Vacay Sayulita Day One Outfit


Day 2: Outfit-Easy Blue Racerback Dress/Cover-up (Vacay), Flip-flops (Havianas), Acid Yellow Earrings (Kendra Scott), Sunnies (Ray-Ban) Activity-Breakfast at the Northside Café. The best discovery here was the iced latte (frozen coffee at the bottom slowly melts into the best latte ever) and the Hangover Sandwich did not disappoint. Then off to shopping and the beach! Prior to going to Sayulita I was so excited to find some awesome deals from the Mexican street vendors. What I didn’t know is that shopping here goes waaaaay beyond that. There are little colorful and trendy boutiques tucked in along every street. My favorite boutique was Revolution Del Sueno. The brightly colored windows drew me in and from there it was all over-almost every purchase and gift I brought back was from that store (there were some very excited recipients when we got home!) The jewelry at the counter is not to be missed amongst all of the bright bags, pillows, blankets and pom poms that adorn every wall and table in the store. I did want to support the local street vendors as well and was able to get some soft neutrals, as well as brightly colored Mexican blankets-also some traditional Mexican gifts (Mexican wrestler men and intricately painted skulls for two very excited little boys waiting for us at home). I also found a woman right off the beach who sold brightly colored stuffed animals for the perfect kid gift. After purchasing all of the stuffed animals and treasures our little golf cart could carry, we went down to check out the beach. The beach by the downtown area can feel a little crowded and overwhelming with all of the vendors selling their various wares, including surf lessons and massages at every turn (yes please!) so we walked for a while and the beach opened up, and was stunningly beautiful. We planted ourselves in the sand and just enjoyed the beautiful and seemingly endless sunset.

Vacay in Sayulita Day Three

Day 3: Outfit-this was my favorite Off the Shoulder Dress (Vacay) was the most flattering dress I wore during our vacation, Turquoise Earrings (Kendra Scott), Multi Colored Spike Bangles (Kendra Scott), Suede and Leather Ankle Wrap Espadrilles (Gap), Sunnies (Ray-Ban) Activity-exploring some of the local artisan galleries, the different things these people make and sell are amazing! My favorite was a shop that sold skulls that were beaded or hand embroidered by a guy sitting in a chair in front of you! We met up with some friends from San Francisco (who were also celebrating their 10 year anniversary, and we randomly met on our honeymoons in Costa Rica-fate! We have the same taste in beach vacations!) for dinner at Mary’s. Mary’s is also traditional Mexican cuisine with a fun, lively vibe right off the main square in Sayulita. We had shrimp here that were delicious! After dinner we walked around and landed at a stand in the middle of the street for late night tacos! These are all around Sayulita and worth the stop! Tacos are less than $1 a-piece and they shave the meat and put them together right in front of you! It is a local favorite as well.

Day 4: Outfit-The Perfect Lace Dress (Vacay, worn as a cover-up all day because it was so hot!), Palm Print Swim (Cupshe), Turq dipped gold necklace (Anthropologie), Beaded large bangle (Noonday), flip-flops (Havianas) Activity-Pool and rest day. We rented a private Villa on VRBO and it was beautiful. It was decorated with traditional Mexican flare, was safe (which we felt the entire time), and was a beautiful spot to come back to after our fun filled and hot days. We enjoyed a day by the pool and happily took a long afternoon siesta. What we didn’t know about Sayulita is how lush the vegetation is-it sounded and looked like we were in the middle of the rainforest while we layed by the pool with birds chirping and water running down the middle of the cobblestone roads. We then decided to return to our favorite restaurant of the trip Yeikame and live up our last meal.

Vacay Style Sayulita Day Four

Day 5: Outfit-Flight Home in white denim and grey tank. Activity-sadly we said goodbye to Sayulita on day 5. We enjoyed every second of our time in this charming, welcoming and warm beach town and really didn’t want to leave! We had a car pick us up and headed back to the Puerto Vallarta airport to wait for our plane. If it weren’t for our two little boys at home who we were missing very much at this point, we would have probably wanted to stay a few more days…until next time, adios Sayulita!

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