Costa Rica: Beach to Jungle Adventure

Posted on June 17 2018

 Costa Rica is a country worth adding to your travel bucket list. Its rugged terrain still has many remote places to explore and there is luxury tucked in where you least expect it. My husband and I ventured to Costa Rica for our Honeymoon and it was one of the most memorable places on the planet.

Costa Rica

We started our adventure in a remote beach resort on the Pacific Coast, Punta Islita that is only accessible via small airplane or very bumpy and long drive (way too long for this girl!). We hopped on a small prop plane from San Jose (Nature Air)-and it was about a 35 minute flight into a small airstrip that felt somewhat in the middle of nowhere. But luckily for us, it was somewhere that we would never forget. We stayed in a private villa at Hotel Punta Islita and it was beyond stunning. Our villa was large and private-even a private soaking pool that overlooked the Ocean and hills of lush, beautiful vegetation.

Costa Rica pool

We spent many days just relaxing and soaking up the sun at the main infinity pool on the property (I won’t lie and tell you it wasn’t about the amazing drinks at the swim up bar!) The hotel is exclusive and we found it to be very peaceful and not crowded. The Spa there is an absolute must. My husband and I enjoyed numerous couples massages and treatments-and the soaking hot tub there was also a huge highlight. Picture this-a warm room tucked away in a beautiful, hand crafted building with 2 soft beds, rain pouring outside an open wall window, you open your eyes on the table and peeking up at you through your massage face holder, fresh STUNNING flowers. Yes, dream come true! The food was incredible here as well, the perfect mix of wholesome and healthy local cuisine. One thing to know about this area is the main attraction and employer in the area is the resort-the little town of Punta Islita is charming and quaint. We visited the local church, school, art gallery (which boasted art from students mainly and supported the school) and a coffee growing farm. There are not restaurants or many tourist attractions, so be prepared to have a quiet stay mostly between the hotel and beach below. We rode horses on the beach and through waves which I also highly recommend for the ‘mellow’ minded adventurers. After 4 very quiet days in this beautiful place on earth-we were ready for our next adventure!

Costa Rica Collection outfits 

We hopped on a private van that lead us to our next adventure within Costa Rica-a central location that was surrounded by lush vegetation and jungle-Tabacon. Tabacon is closely located to Arenal Volcano National Park. Here we settled (very nicely!) into The Resort and Spa at Tabacon and I will be completely honest when I say it is the most pleasant spa I have ever been to. The ambiance of the hotel is amazing because you are quite literally in the middle of the rainforest-so the sounds of animals are rich, all with natural hot spring water flowing all around you. Since it was our honeymoon, we splurged and got the Rainforest Room, which was essentially our own private large house. It had a huge soaking tub that looks out into the rainforest and if you are in there at the right time-howling monkeys noisily play about in the trees in front of you. I spent much of my time at their world class spa getting massages and facials-now I say this was the most pleasant spa I have ever been to because my services were outside, in the middle of the rainforest with hot springs running all around me-rain pouring at various points-and birds chirping. Truly a magical experience and worth the higher price for treatments.

Costa Rica Collections

My husband and I spent a lot of time exploring all of the hot spring ‘creeks’ all around the property and soaking wherever we found a good spot! The restaurants were amazing all over the property-and we decided to take on zip lining one day! We are not the biggest adrenaline junkies and it made us terrified to be flying what felt like 1,000 feet above the jungle on just a tiny harness and line that looked like it couldn’t hold a bird if it landed on it (okay, maybe I’m being a little dramatic). But we did it-it was fun-and I’ll probably never do it again! Ha. All I can say is do your research and use a reputable company for your adventure.


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