BVIs, Paradise Found After 8 Days at Sea

Posted on January 28 2019

There are far easier ways to travel to the BVIs with your family than by sailboat across the Atlantic, but that’s what we decided to do this past November. It was a little rougher than expected, but our reward at the end was paradise itself! The BVIs are truly breathtaking and offer visitors many options in terms of islands to visit, activities to partake in and restaurants to choose from. So narrowing it down to a top 3 is not easy, but here are my absolute favorites.

Scrub Island Resort & Marina

Scrub Island Resort & Marina The best resort in the BVIs is the Resort at Scrub Island. The property is absolutely gorgeous, the views unparalleled, the amenities outstanding, and the staff is extremely friendly. One of the best parts for us as a family with young children is the giant waterslide - wide enough for 3 small kids to go together! My kids went down it about 1,000 times which gave us the chance to actually relax.

Scrub Island Resort and Marina POOL

We had dinner at the resort’s main restaurant and it was charming and delicious. Fresh seafood, fabulous wine selection, and beautiful ambience overlooking the water and marina; this restaurant is top notch. Lastly, once it got dark, the resort would light up the underside of their docks so you could stroll the marina taking in the variable natural aquarium below.

Scrub Island Resort & Marina dock Vacay Founder Elizabeth Hynes and her sonsThe Baths, Virgin Gorda

This natural wonder is truly incredible. Made up of hundreds of boulders, shaped over hundreds of years, a self-guided trip through the “maze” of large rocks and pools of lucid water is a highlight.

The Baths, Virgin Gorda, BVIs

Parts are quite a scramble but it only adds to the fun. The excitement heightens when a set of waves come crashing into the caves and crevices especially if the splash catches you off guard. Charming clues are left along the way to point first timers in the right direction. Hand painted arrows scribbled on the rocks, no guardrails of any sort, and loosely strewn hand ropes serve as reminders that you are not in America anymore.

My family at the Baths Virgin Gorda, BVIs


Pirates Bite, Norman Island

Pirates Bight Norman Island 

The Pirates Bite has all the strict requirements for top beach bar: gorgeous bay, crystal-clear water, white sand beach and a swanky but casual beach bar/ restaurant. Bonus points for the huge "jenga" blocks set up on the beach and for half price drinks at happy hour! Post sunset, the restaurant hosts fine dining with daily seafood specials and excellent service. There is also a small boutique that offers quality tourist tees, local jewelry, and cheap but super cute sunglasses (my latest purchase worn in the image below $20).

Pirates Bight Restaurant Norman Island

 If the British Virgin Islands weren't on your bucket list, I hope they are now. Truly a magically place with something for everyone!



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  • Janis Stavana: June 28, 2021

    I don’t know how I didn’t find your blog sooner. I love to hear news of your travels. Scrub Island looks really small. How did you even find it? I’ve thought for a long time that Rhys looks like a Ralph Loren model. He just naturally has the look. You should get in touch with their advertising team!🤔

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