Are the Seychelles worth the trip?

Posted on April 24 2018

Are the Seychelles worth the trip? Considering it was a 22 hour travel day for my husband and I coming from San Francisco, it seemed like a good question to answer before booking the trip. We were in a bit of a dilemma to figure out where to go on a sailing vacation, without kids, in August!? The hubby was turning 40 and a BIG sailing Vacay was all he wanted. 

The Caribbean was out due to Hurricane season (remember Hurricane Irma!?).  And since we had already sailed the South Pacific, we narrowed our sights on the Med, and particularly Greece.  But getting to the Greek Isles was harder than it seemed. Shockingly, you could fly to the Seychelles faster than the three flights required to get to Santorini.  Wait, what?! You can get to the Seychelles "faster?!" Our decision had been made and the Seychelles it would be.


Vacay Founder Elizabeth in the Seychelles on beach

"Faster" it might be, but short it is not.  Our flights would take us from San Francisco to Dubai before transferring to a flight to Mahe.  But twenty hours of flying time, it turns out, is a LOT of time in the air. So the question remains, are they Seychelles worth the trip?

Yes.  Yes, indeed.  Are they ever. 


Vacay Founder Elizabeth jumping for joy in the Seychelles


One flight later we landed in Mahe, the capital of the Seychelles, and the largest island of 115 that make up the archipelago.  A 10 minute taxi ride took us to The Moorings, where we picked up our mobile home for the week, a 50 foot catamaran. We split the boat with three other couples which made the trip more fun and more affordable! 


Moorings base in the Seychelles

Sailing around the Seychelles is a unique experience.  We tried, as we might, to compare it to many of the places we have sailed in the Caribbean or South Pacific, but it's a very unique place.  The vast number of islands in close proximity made it similar to Tonga. But the beaches littered with smooth, car sized boulders reminded us of The Baths in the BVIs.  


Vacay Founder Elizabeth's husband Seth kite boarding in the Seychelles


And then there were the land tortoises that we had naively assumed only existed in the Galapagos. However, the North Island, Seychelles has been legally protecting two species of sea turtles (hawksbill and green turtles) since 1994. For a small fee which goes toward their preservation, you can visit the turtles on the island. There is also a nursery full of baby turtles just starting out on their long life. 


Vacay Founder Elizabeth Hynes with turtle in Seychelles


Add in our stop at the beautiful, ten room (celebrity magnet, shhh) Enchanted Island Resort, and this was indeed an interesting and foreign place - one filled with many new experiences and sights. They wouldn't tell us exactly who had stayed there so we had to use our imagination!


Vacay Founder Elizabeth at the Enchanted Island Resort

Yes, the Seychelles are not close, but they are worth the trip. And yes, my husband had fun on his big 40!


Vacay Founder Elizabeth and her husband in the Seychelles


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