Vacay Design Inspiration

Posted on December 01 2015


People often ask me where I draw inspiration for my Vacay collections. As I get prepared to launch our new 2016 Spring collections, I thought I’d share what inspires me most.

I usually start by reflecting on my own travel needs and how I can design the most versatile pieces that will keep me and you all looking stylish on your beach vacations. I like to pack light, but don’t ever want to sacrifice style or looking great on vacation. So, why should you?

I draw color inspiration from the ocean and its tropical surroundings. The ocean is a destination for me. I always want to be near it, hear its crashing waves and feel small in its vastness. The ocean calms my mind and satisfies my soul. You may have noticed a lot of my designs incorporate blue hues to draw me closer to the ocean.

You’ll see more orange and purple in Vacay's 2016 collections. These are colors I love from the lush tropical foliage and sea life of my favorite beach destinations.

The Vacay collections naturally harmonize with their tropical and beach location namesakes. What colors and places inspire you? Maybe they’ll be the name of our next collection!  


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