Family Vacations

Posted on June 27 2015

Summer is my favorite time of year, especially summer vacations!  Nowadays that means five of us making our way across the country to visit my husband's family in the picturesque town of Osterville in Cape Cod.  Yes, it is a long flight with three young children and packing can be tough (although this year packing for myself will be a breeze with Vacay-- the small perk of starting your own resort wear line designed for vacation travel)! 

Once we get there, it is truly magical.  Even though our oldest child just turned 5, they look forward to going to the Cape to see Nana and Papa, chasing crabs and fireflies, long and lazy beach days, and getting home made ice cream at Four Seas!  The kids (and us) are building lifelong memories, the ones that really matter.  When you thank your lucky stars at the end of the day, have a glass of wine and watch your children play.  Doesn't get better than that. 

My time in Cape Cod over the past ten years was the inspiration for the Nantucket Collection and I can't wait to wear those pieces next week!  Watch out for posts to facebook and instagram @#vacaystyle as I hope to do the Vacay Look of the Day while on my vacay!  


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