How big is Vacay?

Posted on April 02 2015

Fortunately for you, Vacay is boutique (even by boutique standards)!  So while we could, and probably should, ask for boutique prices, we decided to restrict our profit to ensure our brand stands for value.  And our promise is to remain that way.  We'll never over-charge you and we'll never degrade the quality of our products.  Instead, we aim to be the company you come back to and recommend to friends because we are a brand you trust.

So while we know you might be tempted to keep us a secret, we need your help.  If you're reading this, you are likely some of our very first customers and we're going to rely on you to help share the news so that we can come back in the coming months with more collections and more variety.  But our promise is this - to always keep our 'small company mantra' and provide you with nothing but the best clothing we can make at the best possible value. 

So please, share our facebook page with your social network!  Join our mailing list!  And tell everyone about Vacay!!!  In return we'll keep doing what we love - getting you the best possible clothing and value so you can...

Pack Easy. Look Amazing. Have Fun.

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  • Mrs. C: November 16, 2018

    Nice clothing, nice fabric, & nice styles for vacation travel. Thanks to Travel Fashion Girl, I discovered your brand.

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