The Vacay Story

Posted on February 25 2015

SV Honeymoon in Bora Bora

The idea for Vacay came to me during my unusual Honeymoon in 2008.  Rather than fly to Bora Bora, my new husband and I sailed there instead!  But packing for an 18-month adventure within the confines of a tiny boat closet was not an easy task.  During this trip, I learned how to pull together a collection of items that could create multiple outfits in easy silhouettes and travel friendly fabrics. I realized you do not need a ton of stuff- you just need a few versatile, amazing pieces!

When the honeymoon was over, I returned to my former employer as a Merchandising Director at Banana Republic but often thought of my idea for Vacay and starting my own business.  Five years and three children later, I have decided to go for it.  I know that most woman really want to look their best on vacation and I know how challenging it is to plan outfits and pack, especially in the confines of a carry-on so I created Vacay to help.  Based on what I learned on my boat trip and my experiences at Gap Inc., I am combining amazing style with smart design to deliver curated vacation wardrobes that look fantastic and travel well.  Hope you love it!





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