Earth Day April 22nd

Posted on April 22 2016

We live on a glorious planet and we must take care of it.  If we want to continue to enjoy all the Earth has to offer, not the least of which are the beautiful beaches that line our coasts, we all must work hard to save her.  
I am proud that Vacay is manufactured locally here in California.  Reducing emissions even slightly by not transporting materials across the globe is one of the big reasons we manufacture in San Francisco.  And personally, I am glad my young children are growing up in a household where even our 3 year old knows the difference between recycling and garbage.   
Could we do a lot more?  Yes and we should.  Earth Day is a good reminder to think about and act on the many things we can all do to save our planet.   Now in it's 46th, EarthDay is celebrated around the globe and reminds us that we all can affect change.   And we all must.  


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