Your Summer Capsule Wardrobe with VacayStyle

Posted on May 23 2017

J's Everyday Fashion: 

J's Everyday Fashion in Vacay Gold Coast Collection

With so many important things vying for your attention – work, family, household – wouldn’t it be great if someone could put together a capsule wardrobe for you, that you could wear all summer long? Or at the very least, pack your bag for your next vacation? Enter VacayStyle, a company that takes all of the effort out of doing just that. Their genius 5-piece collections create 15 or more outfits, so need to spend time deciding what will fit in your suitcase or how to put things together: just follow the handy outfit cards for all the combinations you can create!

Vacay Gold Coast Collection: 5 items = 18 outfits

VacayStyle is made in the USA (San Francisco, to be exact), with soft and wrinkle resistant fabrics, and they offer free shipping both ways so you can try them out risk free. With any 5-item purchase (an entire collection or mix and match from the different collections) you automatically get 20% off and a free Vacay beach bag. Plus take an additional 15% off of that with code J15%! (Note: this code works no matter how many items you purchase, and can be combined with the 20% off discount.)

J's Everyday Fashion in Vacay Gold Coast Caftan

I’m wearing the Gold Coast Collection in today’s post, and can’t say enough great things about the versatility of the romper and jumpsuit (they come apart!) as well as the maxi dress that doubles as a skirt. Not to mention the white tunic with black fringe is so incredibly cute! Don’t take my word for it, though. Head to VacayStyle to see all eight collections and try it out yourself!

J's Everyday Fashion in Vacay Gold Coast Romper


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