Greece Exploring with Vacay Style

Posted on September 26 2016

The Belle Abroad: 

The Belle Abroad in Vacay Lace Convertible Dress in Greece

As a girl all about the ease of things, but of course, without sacrificing style, Vacay Style was the answer to all of my packing problems! 5 pieces = 15 outfits….what?! Yes, you read that right. And these pieces are perfect for pairing all on their own as well. It certainly made my pre-holiday prep all too easy and allowed me to focus on the important stuff–what to see and what to eat on  my Greek holiday! 

The Belle Abroad in Vacay's 2-Piece Jumpsuit

The Vacay Style pieces are versatile and include bold, unique patterns–perfect for helping you dress for the holiday experience! Also, since the pieces easily mix and match, you can fit it all within one carry on!

The Belle Abroad in Vacay 2-Piece Dress in Greece


Currently, Vacay Style offers six collections (click here to view) or a “create your own” combo–either way you go, with 5 pieces you receive a free beach bag and 20% off! BONUS : In addition to that, I have a code for an extra 20% off….lucky you! It’s Belle20, so get to shopping and then vacay, of course!

Click the photo to go to the item on the Vacay Style site!

The Belle Abroad in Vacay Convertible Lace Dress in Greece

The Belle Abroad in the St. Bart's Lace 2-Piece Dress 



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