5 Pieces, 15 Outfits with Vacay Style

Posted on June 09 2016

J's Everyday Fashion: 

Just when I thought it wasn’t possible to love VacayStyle more than I already do, they release The Tahiti Collection, featuring… a jumpsuit!! Jumpsuits are one of my favorite things to wear on long flights, to casual BBQs or around the house, and the fact that this one comes apart into a separate top and bottoms that you can wear with other things honestly blows my mind. (Why don’t all jumpsuits do this?? The Cabo Collection also includes a jumpsuit option – I’m obsessed!)

J's Everyday Fashion wearing Vacay Tahiti Jumpsuit 

The general concept behind VacayStyle is genius: they design 5-piece collections that, when combined with just two essentials from your closet (a white tank and white jeans), create 12-15 outfits you can wear on your next trip, or can be your entire summer wardrobe to wear at home. I added two of my own clutches and two necklaces to the essentials list, but even with those additions, the entire collection fits easily into one little bag!

 J's Everyday Fashion in Vacay's Perfect Black Top + Vacay LBD


VacayStyle manufactures in California, and each order comes with a helpful wardrobe card that illustrates the different outfits you can make. Use code J20Vacay for 20% off your entire order through 8/31. When you buy 5 items (the entire collection, or mix and match from the 6 different collections), you get an additional 20% savings (no code needed), and you receive the VacayStyle beach bag (as seen in my photos), totally free!

Check out all 15 outfits I was able to make with The Tahiti Collection below, and head over to the VacayStyle website to see all the styles you can mix and match individually. Buying the entire collection is certainly an option, but you can also pick your favorite one or two things for traveling or staying home alike!

Which look is your favorite?

 J's Everyday Fashion wearing Vacay Tahiti Collection: 5 items = 15 outfits



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